Need to set a reminder? Beep Me lets you do so quickly and easily. Don’t waste time using the calendar to add an event or using the clock to create a new alarm. With Beep Me it’s just two simple steps: Jot a short memo, and set the beep time. That’s all!

In a meeting when you remember that you promised to return a call in the afternoon? Jot down “call Jack”, and set it to beep you at 2:30. Put the pizza in the oven and need to set a timer? Jot “pizza” and set it to beep you in 20 minutes.

Need a FarmVille/CityVille/Smurfs reminder? Have your crops ever withered because you forgot when to harvest them? Do you want to make the most of your time and harvest your crops immediately so you can replant? Use Beep Me to add a quick reminder and never forget again!

About Us

My name is Yaniv Kalsky and I am a software engineer that develops for many platforms, one of them is the iPhone.

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